Bridal Shower Ideas You’ll Love in 2017

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2017 Bridal Shower Trends

Spring has sprung (well…almost!) which brings the start of bridal shower season! Here are some trends that you’ll no doubt see as your weekends start to fill up with mimosas and fancy tea sandwiches.


Get Outside

Nothing like warm weather and sunshine to bring on an outdoor party. Whether it’s a garden, patio, rooftop, lake – get outside and make nature your backdrop.

Color Themes

Soft pinks, rose gold, water colors are still dominating this year’s shower trends.

No to Games

Ok, I feel like this one can be a bit controversial because some people really like bridal shower games. You’ll know if your bride is that person or not and can decide accordingly. The trend though is to take a pass on the games. Why? Well… not everyone likes them, they can be embarrassing with multiple generations present, and there often isn’t enough time to fit it in.

Get Creative

In lieu of games have guests participate by doing something creative for the bride. Have guests leave notes on a serving tray, finish it with resin and give it as a keepsake. Or have guests decorate small plant pots and pick some seeds to plant so the bride can have a new herb garden. It’s fun, creative and the bride gets a nice gift to bring home!


Keep it classy. We’re definitely seeing more brunches, high tea and small plates but the main theme here is shower hosts are stepping up their food game. Classy, flavorful, beautiful…and often mini as small plates are still very on trend.


Mimosa bar, bloody mary bar, pitchers of sangria, mini champagne bottles (with a pretty straw) or a signature cocktail – unless you know your guests don’t drink alcohol having one of the above is a necessity to a successful bridal shower.

Say Cheese

hoto booth or selfie? Well…both are still popular in the wedding event world.  A play on a photo booth is still most popular. Keep it simple – use the outdoors as a backdrop. Have guests pose with a vintage frame, a custom frame (see Pinterest board for this cute idea), have guests create and hold a sign with wishes for the bride to be – the options are really endless.


Registry gifts are still common, but many bridal showers are choosing to go with a theme. This can be helpful for both brides and guests. Brides end up with gifts that the want/need and guests that don’t like buying off registry have a direction to help them out. Is the bride moving into a new home? Doing renovations? Wanting to go on a honeymoon? Check with the bride pre-planning and make sure to include gift details on the invitation.

Looking for more inspiration? You can check out some of our favorite finds here.


Looking for Bridal Shower Gift Ideas?

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What to Do With Your Wedding Dress After the Wedding

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Inspiration: What to Do With Your Dress Post-Wedding

A wedding dress is tailor-made for the wedding day only. In most of the cases, there is no way to put that on some other day unless you are getting married again. There are a few things you can do with your dress post-wedding if you don’t want it taking space cluttering your closet.


Preserving Your Dress 

Preserving the dress will help you in future because you can put it on special occasions like the 25th anniversary to bring back the old memories and be young again. You partner may always look at your wedding photos and appreciate how great you looked that day. Preservation will help you to bring the fantasy into reality. You can literally recreate the special moments you spent wearing the dresses on the first day.

To preserve your wedding dress, you would need professional cleaning from time to time so that it stays as new and maybe you can pass that on to next generation if a girl is born to you or your family.

Donating Your Dress 

Wedding dress is probably the most expensive dress you ever put on. The best thing you can do with your wedding gown is to donate it to someone so needs it. There are so many brides who cannot afford to wear a proper wedding gown even though they wish they could. Donating them your wedding gown will fulfill their wish and bring utter joy to both of you. There are many websites available through which you can find the person to donate your wedding dress, and you can be proud of doing something good for a stranger. There is no better joy and happiness in life than the one you get by helping others.

Reconstructing Your Dress 

Some people are very judicious in their approach, and they like to reuse and recycle everything they can. They reconstruct their wedding dress for little kids or turn them into something completely different like a baby bed. They also send it to a designer who can turn it into something that they can regularly wear during special events – maybe that little black dress for date night?

Trashing Your Dress

The last option you can opt for is destroying your wedding dress completely. It has become a popular trend across the globe, and the practice is not as pessimistic as it seems to be. When it comes to trashing your dress, you need to do it artistically. Photographers also offer post-wedding service that covers your dress destruction photo shoot. The married couple can throw paints on each other wearing the expensive dresses or jump together in mud and have the ultimate thrill ride. This is what will create a few precious memorable moments that one can cherish for a lifetime.


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DMV Name Change: How to Save Time

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DMV Name Change After Marriage

Marriage is certainly a life changing experience for a couple. There are friends, family and planners to get everything done for the wedding for the food, décor, dress to the makeup but the thing the bride has to do (hopefully with the help of us!) is change her last name.

Whether it’s your bank, insurance company, or DMV name change, you will have to get it changed with the Social Security Administration (SSA) first so that other organizations can use them for verification. The SSA offers the SS-5 form for free on their website. We also have it in the I’m a Mrs. database so you can keep all your forms in one place and save some time with auto-population.

When people talk about needing to change their name after marriage, they often hear horror stories from friends that waited for hours at the DMV.  Unfortunately, it is one of the places you need to go in-person as they need to get a new photo and your new signature (this is to help protect you from identity theft). That said, here on some tips that we hope will help you save time.


Time-Saving Tips for Changing Your Name at the DMV

What to Bring – In our database we clearly list what you need to bring for each state DMV. It varies, so make sure you check that list before you make the trip. Typically, it’s your new SSA card, old license, proof of citizenship, proof of identity and your certified marriage certificate (again – check the list in our database just in case your state has a special requirement).

Print Forms in Advance – If you can go with everything filled out – you will definitely save yourself the stress of being rushed through the process. It’s also more likely you will have filled out everything accurately.  Not every state offers their forms online – but most do. You can find yours in our database or by doing a form search on your DMV website (just make sure you pick the correct one).

Make an Appointment – Many states now offer the opportunity to book an appointment in advance. We also list if this is an option for you when you select your forms. You can also check out your local DMV website. One tip – don’t be late. If you miss your time by even 5 minutes you’ll often be sent to the back of the line.

Best Time to Go – It is best that you try to go to your local DMV between the time period of 9am to 11 am on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday in order to face minimal wait times. Late afternoons and lunch time should be avoided especially on Fridays and Mondays.


Name Change After Marriage

Congrats on your married name change! Hopefully these tips will help make you officially a Mrs. in no time!  If we can help answer any additional questions you might have, drop us a line at  Our name change experts are always happy to help!

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Wedding Keepsakes: Top 5 Inspiration Ideas

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Wedding Keepsake Ideas

A wedding is a once in a lifetime affair that makes for lifetime memories. Every wedding is unique and beautiful and deserves to be relived and remembered for generations to come. Wedding photography is the most popular and common way to capture and freeze the wedding memories but there are so many more fun and creative ways to make these memories last forever.

If you are looking for fun and creative ideas to make your wedding memories a ‘forever kinda’ thing’ here are some great ways:


1. Guest Book/Memento

Keeping a guest book is common, but you can make it more fun. In case you are your partner are passionate travelers, make your guests sign on a globe or atlas, you could also make a photo book and make your guests sign there. You could do a print that can be framed and hung in a guest bedroom – the options really are endless.

2. Photobooks

There are so many wedding photobook options these days. You can make your own in-expensively or often purchase on through your photographer. I’m a huge fan of the lay-flat books at Artifact Uprising (and not just because Oprah is too!).  The books are stunning – but you can also put them out on a coffee table where people will actually look at them.

3. Prints

Just like photobooks…there are so many options for what to do with your prints. One of my favorites is this memento box that can hold lose photos/mementos and sit on a desk or shelf.

4. Wishing Jar, Message in a Bottle & River Rocks

Old mason jars or reused wine bottles with custom designs can be the perfect way to collect memories. Ask each guest to write a message/wish for you, fold it up and put it in the jar/bottle. You can unfold and read all the lovely messages on your first anniversary or any other special day you choose. You could also have guests leave a message on a river rock and later use them in a garden or decorative jar.

5. Date Night

This is definitely one of the most interesting keepsake you can take from your wedding. Ask your guests to suggest date night ideas (write them on nice popsicle sticks or note cards) and put them in a jar. Every time you plan a date, take one folded paper out and do as it says! It’s also a great way to stay in touch and share your memories with your guests post wedding!

No matter what your wedding will always be the most memorable day for you, adding keepsakes will only make it a little more fun and special. Happy planning your wedding day keepsakes! Make it creatively exciting!

Need more inspiration? Check out our Wedding Keepsakes Board on Pinterest.


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6 Tips for Building Successful In-Law Relationships

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In-Law Relationships: Tips for Success

People often say when you get married, you’re marrying the whole family. Hopefully you’ve had enough experiences pre-wedding to know what to expect and how to best handle your relationships moving forward. Here are some tips to manage in-law relationships like a pro.


1:1 Time

Make the effort to get to know your in-laws on a 1:1 level. Pick an activity that honors their interests but also introduces them to yours. Take your mother-in-law for lunch, take your sister in-law for a manicure…shoot a round-of golf with your father in-law. Make the effort upfront, for no reason. It shows you are interested in being a part of the family and will give you a good foundation to build on.

Honor Tradition

Take an interest in your in-laws traditions. Which ones have lasted generations? Which one is your partner’s favorite? How can you become a part of it – hosting a meal or learning a recipe, etc. Note – be careful to be respectful of your in-laws feelings i.e. if your mother-in-law always hosted a holiday dinner and now you’d like to do that, be respectful and find a way to ease in to that transition without hurting feelings.

Find a Special Role 

Whether it’s wedding planning or preparing for kids, finding a special role for in-laws is a great way to make them feel included and help strengthen your relationship long term. Maybe ask for help with a new home project or teaching a skill you’d like to learn – sewing, home repairs, cooking, etc. With kids finding time for your in-laws to do something special 1:1 is a great way for your kids to make memories (and you to get a little free time!)

Take a Break

One of the tough things for in-laws is that they no longer have much time with their kids without their partners around. Take a break and go have some friend time while your partner does something fun with Mom & Dad. They will appreciate you honoring their relationship and your bond will be stronger because of it.


Find times in your life where it makes sense to include your in-laws. Maybe it’s sport related or maybe it’s just for a Sunday dinner. Include them in your life. Let them see how great your work together as a couple. Let them be a part of the new life you are creating together. Make new traditions – it’s worth the effort for the good memories that will be made.

Don’t Put Your Partner in the Middle

Some of you are no doubt reading this thinking ‘I wish I could do any of these things but my in-laws are difficult’. If that is the case, be sure not to put your partner in the middle of sorting it out. It can be a hard situation but try to deal with it yourself. Go to them, express your concerns, listen to their words, be sensitive to their situation. And then explain yours and try to find a solution. They have been your partner’s number one forever and now you’ve taken that place. It can be a really hard transition. But your respect and understanding will go a long way. Not to mention….when you eventually get to be in that position, don’t you hope your new in-law will treat you the same way?

Hope these tips help get your in-law relationship off without a hitch!


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Date Night: 7 Ideas For Foodies

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Fun Date Night Ideas for Foodie Couples

When you first get married, a lot of nights seem like date night. Dinners for two….candlelight…romance. But ‘Date Night’ is where you go the extra mile. Try to do something out of your ordinary.  Something special. We’ve curated a few fun, unique ideas for those with the love of food.

Scavenger Hunt

This is one of my all-time favorite dates. Pick a handful of restaurants that you’ve always wanted to go to…and make a day of it. Hit up each one and try their signature cocktail and signature dish.  Go for a walk between each spot…and enjoy the culinary adventure!

Food Tour

With the rise of urban gardens, craft breweries, distilleries, artisan cheese shops…there are so many interesting food tours to choose from.  Many offer food and beverage pairings (beer, wine, spirits).  Some teach you a skill and let you taste your wares (cheese making, pickling).  You can even go on a foraging mission and learn about what’s safe (and delicious!) to eat in nature.


There is nothing quite as easy and romantic as going on a sunset gourmet picnic. Pick-up some charcuterie items from a local market, a fresh baguette from the bakery, a nice bottle of bubbly or wine, grab a blanket…and find a nice quiet spot in the park. Voilà…best date night ever!

Cooking Classes

Cooking classes are another favorite because they teach you a skill you can use again.  You can also use this for future date nights – take a French cooking class and then make the meal together on your anniversary.  Or make it for your first dinner party.

Surprise Jar

This is one of those ideas that I wish I thought of sooner. On small pieces of paper write down cuisines of foods that you’ve never tried before…but want (or are willing) to. Then on those nights when no one can decide what they want…pull from the jar.  This is the best for when neither one of you is up for making a decision.

Seasonal Tasting Dinner

Every now and again date night should just be about going out for a good meal.  It’s always a good idea to look for unique opportunities though. A seasonal tasting menu, wine or craft beer pairing, a restaurant with a guest chef or celebrating an anniversary/milestone, or a long table dinner on a farm (some good ones here).

Food Truckin’

The food truck movement is still going strong and man, is there a lot to choose from. For me…this one is best done kind of like the scavenger hunt. Pick a day…pick a few different food trucks you want to try and start out an adventure.  Choose signature dishes and share so you have more room to try more delicious food! Go for walks in-between, bring a picnic blanket, maybe a bottle of wine? The options are endless!

So…hopefully that’s some inspiration for some delicious date nights! The main thine to keep in mind though is to make time for date night. Go the extra mile…make time for each other…try new things together.  It’s a key ingredient to a long, happy marriage.

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Destination Wedding? 5 Tips to Change Your Name

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There is something so romantic about a destination wedding. The beautiful backdrop, the relaxation of being on vacation, the incredible memories.  During your destination wedding planning, ensure you keep in mind the rules of the country you are visiting (and language) for getting your marriage certificate.  In addition, check to see if there are any special rules you need to know about changing your name when you get back.

Getting Married Abroad – Name Change Tips

Here are our top five tips to help make your destination wedding name change easy:

  1. First, check with your local social security to ask if they will accept a marriage certificate from the country you are getting married in. Also ask if there is anything you need specifically to make it legal – i.e. does it need to be notarized?
  2. Check to see if the SSA or passport office requires your marriage certificate to be translated. If it does confirm with your local SSA office if they require it be done by an SSA approved vendor.  Please note – this can vary by state and by language so best to check with your local SSA office.
  3. Confirm with your wedding officiant that they will be providing you with your required documents and when they will be delivered. Ideally you receive them before your departure so you are not relying on couriers or mail.
  4. Ask your officiant to include 2-3 additional certified copies of your marriage certificate so that you have one for safe keeping and others to help expedite your name change process when you get home (SSA and Passport office will initially take the originals and return them to you with your new official documents.
  5. Book all travel in your maiden name for 2-3 months post-wedding as your tickets must match your government issued ID.

Once you get home and are ready to start your name change journey, ensure to download our free Ultimate Name Change Checklist with over 80 types of forms you’ll need to officially be a Mrs.

Where to Get Started:

  • Social Security Administration – many organizations use the SSA to verify your information including the DMV, US Passport Office and nearly all credit card companies
  • DMV/State Issued ID – this is next and will give you a photo government issued ID to use when changing your name with other organizations
  • Everything Else! Once you’re done with the SSA and DMV you’re ready to tackle all your bank/credit/loyalty cards, mortgage, insurance, phone, cable, alumni…the list is long!

Key Documents to Have On Hand:

  • Marriage Certificate
  • Birth Certificate
  • Old Social Security Administration Card
  • Old Driver’s License

Name Change After Marriage

We hope you find these destination wedding name change tips useful! If you have any questions or need any additional help, please email

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How to Change Your Name for Nurses

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We often get questions from members that belong to the nursing profession…so we thought we’d turn it into a post and pass on the information we’ve found so far.

Married Name Change Tips For Nurses


Where do you start a nurse name change?

Well – you start the same place as everyone else with a Social Security name change but as a nurse there are a few specific areas you need to keep in mind.  Specifically, state nursing boards, unions, and your HR department for possible insurance, licensing updates, and 401K.

State Licensing Boards

You’ll need to change your name with your state Board of Registered Nursing. Most states have a specific notification of name change form.  Depending on the state you may be required to submit your notification of name change within 30 days – so be sure to check out the rules as soon as you start using your new name.

Our I’m a Mrs. database has a section just for this so if you’re already an I’m a Mrs member make sure you check out our professional associations section, click the form and we’ll auto-populate it for you.  Note – if your nurse name change consists of multiple states, make sure you select each form to avoid confusion down the road.

What you need:

  • Notification of Name Change Form
  • Current government issued ID
  • Marriage certificate


Your HR Department can help you with:

Extended Benefits & Insurance – in many cases they can take care of this for you, but you will still be required to complete the required paperwork and provide your marriage certificate. Also keep in mind updating your beneficiary to your spouse – there should be a section on the form just for this.

401K – this one is also often just your standard form and providing a marriage certificate. Also keep in mind updating your beneficiary to your spouse – there should be a section on the form just for this.

Payroll:  This one is really important because the name on your payroll needs to match the name on your bank account in order to be deposited (otherwise it could be returned to issuer, and no one wants that).

Union:  Most nurses belong to a union such as National Nurses United. Often, it is the HR department that coordinated payment and form updates to them.  Occasionally it could be your local rep.  Your HR person will guide you in the right direction.

Staff ID/Login: Your HR person with authorize updates to you staff ID and technology login.  This is important as your new name needs to match your state licensure in order to have certain access and issue medications etc.

Name Change After Marriage

Congrats on your married name change! Hopefully these tips will help make you officially a Mrs. in no time!  If we can help answer any additional questions you might have, Drop us a line at  Our name change experts are always happy to help!

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Ultimate Name Change Checklist

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name change checklist

Name Change Checklist – Free Download

So many of our members comment that they had NO idea just how many places they needed to change their name with! With so many loyalty card programs and credit card options…it really is incredible how long the name change list is.

So…we created the Ultimate Name Change Checklist to help you on your name change journey. It has over 80 types of forms included on one easy to view list…just waiting for you to tick the boxes!




  • More than 80 forms
  • All categories from Government to Pet Insurance
  • Easy to view format
  • Link to to ask any questions

If you want to make your name change even easier – you can access our thousands of specific forms in the I’m a Mrs. Name Change database.  We talk to each organization personally – so our instructions are preferred and ensure the process goes smoothly.



  • We provide forms for specific organizations – not just form letters
  • Our service lets you complete your name change in just 3 simple steps
  • Our name change experts are here to help 24/7/365
  • Our database is the most comprehensive in the industry – more than 10,000 forms with more being added daily
  • We’re the ONLY name change service that’s been inducted into The Knot’s Best of Weddings Hall of Fame

Need a unique form that we don’t currently have in our database? No problem – you can just drop us a line and we’ll find it for you.  Do you have a unique situation and you have questions on how the process will work for you – just ask us…we’ve been changing names for nearly a decade and there isn’t much we don’t know the answer to.

Marriage Name Change


Name Change After Marriage

Do you have a name change question we can help answer? Email me at – always happy to help!


How to do a Social Security Name Change

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Tips for Social Security Name Change

Congratulations on starting your name change adventure! The very first item on your list is your Social Security name change. This needs to be your first stop because so many organizations use the SSA to verify your new name.

Full Disclosure: The SSA provides access to it’s name change form for free (see link below to access it). Their customer service agents are all on hand to answer any questions you might have (contact details, also below). We check-in with them every few months to see if there have been any updates and the SSA form in our I’m a Mrs. database is always kept up-to-date (it even auto-populates with all the info you enter during registration!).

How do I make the change?

You can complete your social security name change either by mail (in approximately 10 business days from the date application is processed) or in-person. In both cases you need to send documentation or go in-person to your local social security administration office – you can find that here.

What do you need to bring?

You must bring a completed SS5 form (available below) and the following documents:

  • Marriage Certificate – Original or Certified* Copy
  • Current Social Security Card
    NOTE: Send in your current card as the SSA may want to destroy it for security reasons. If you do not have an SSA Card that is not a problem – you are not required to have your old card to get a new one.
  • Proof of Identity – send the Original of ONE of the following:
    • U.S. Driver’s License
    • U.S. State-issued Non-Driver Identification Card
    • U.S. Passport

If you have not already established citizenship with the SSA, then you must also submit Proof of Citizenship. Please send the Original of ONE of the following:

  • U.S. Birth Certificate
  • U.S. Passport

NOTE: You may use one document for two purposes. For example, you may use your U.S. passport as proof of both citizenship and identity.

*NOTE: The SSA will only accept original documents or documents certified by the custodian of the original record. Notarized copies or photocopies which have not been certified by the custodian of the record are not acceptable.

Other than your original Social Security card, the SSA will return any original documents that you mail to them.

If you are able to go in-person, your application will be processed that day and your new card will be sent to you by mail within 10 business days.

Time Saving Tips!

  • Mail: Save time and avoid the stress of visiting the SSA office by sending your form in by mail.
  • Go Early: If you do go in-person, go early (they open at 830 or 9am – listed in the locator details here)
  • Go Late: If you are in the doors before closing they are required to see you that day.
  • Avoid the first week of the month: It’s considered ‘rush hour’ internally because of so many time-sensitive requests.
  • Double check that you have all the supporting documents: We list all the required documents for you – but be sure to double check. You’ll be sent away if you are there in-person…and your documents returned to you if sent by mail.

Access the SS5 form here.

Hope this makes you social security name change easy! If you have any name change questions that need answering, email me at

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