Keeping your Maiden Name Professionally – The Hybrid Approach

One of the most common reasons people struggle over the name change decision is because they are worried about giving up their identity professionally. It makes sense…most women are now marrying a bit later (average age is 29) and have likely made great headway in terms of developing their career. We are also in a world where everyone is online 24/7…and your digital footprint is important to maintain if you want anyone to find you, validate your career for job opportunities, connect you with old friends on Facebook, etc.

Cut-to the hybrid approach.  It’s really popular amongst career-driven women. Essentially, you change your name with all organizations you are associated with, but you keep your name in the workplace (i.e. email address, business cards, title, etc.). The only thing you need to keep in mind if considering this approach is that your HR department needs to know what your plan is.  Your HR department would still need to change your name with group benefits and with government bodies in order to record your income with the powers that be.  Your payroll would also need to be in the name that matches your bank account – so make sure you change that to avoid any hiccups.


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