Name Change Question: What Name do I Book My Honeymoon Tickets in?

Booking your honeymoon is one of the most fun parts about planning a wedding.  Many think of it as a trip of a lifetime…splurging on things you normally wouldn’t indulge in…to commemorate a life milestone.

So – here is the big question. What name do you book your travel arrangements in? After all, you are finally a Mrs.! Well, the answer really depends on how much time lies between the big day and the big getaway. If you are honeymooning immediately post-ceremony…definitely book your travel in your maiden name. You airline tickets must match your government-issued ID.  And if you are leaving the country, that means passport. Another important tip to this – if you belong to a frequent flyer program, your airline ticket name needs to match your frequent flyer card name in order to earn points.

If you are traveling 8 weeks post-ceremony – you should be good to book everything in your new married name. That said, you need to hop to it as soon as your marriage certificate arrives.

Still want to hear those magic words…”Welcome Mrs. X’ – when you are booking your hotel, you should also book in your maiden name, as they will ask for your photo ID and credit card when checking in. But when you make your reservation, you can have them note on your file that you will be checking in as (your maiden name) – but you are on your honeymoon, so you are officially Mrs. X.  That makes it a little more fun when they greet you in the hotel.

Congrats Mrs.!



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