On Hold So You Don’t Have to Be: SouthWest Airlines Rapid Rewards Name Change

This week’s on hold winner is frustrating on three counts.  First of all…56 minutes.  Seriously? Second…the ridiculous amount of automated menu options – with no option to just speak to a real person. Third…they have updated their process.  Second time since we called 2 months ago.

IAM_Blog_OnHold_2Now, for your SouthWest Rapid Rewards Name Change, you can only submit your details by fax.  By fax! It’s 2013!  I have to say…usually, when organizations change their process, it’s to improve efficiency. Perhaps add an email option…and save a tree. Nope…not this time. Since many of us don’t have easy access to fax machines…make sure you check our Get Started tab on the member dashboard with links to how to use fax on your Windows or Mac device. Here’s hoping they will add an email option soon!

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