Bed Bath & Beyond Registry Completion Program

Bed Bath and Beyond wedding registry

There’a nothing quite like the thrill of holding that scanner in your hand, skipping about the aisles of your fave stores scanning anything and everything you could ever want for your home…and that other people buy for you! Whoever came up with the whole registry idea – GENIUS. And, whoever came up with the Bed Bath and Beyond Registry Completion program may just be your new BFF. If you register at BB&B and don’t get everything from your list, BB&B gives you a discount that can be used once online and once in-store on anything left from your registry for up to 3 months after your wedding. Plus, if you do get gifts and change your mind about what you wanted, they make returns super easy – as long as the gift is on your registry, you don’t need to worry about receipts.  Policy is to give you a store credit, but here’s a little tip – you can ask for cash…and they’ll give it to you! Turns out your registry is still super fun even after the wedding day. Who knew?!

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