Men Who Took Their Wife’s Last Name

IAM_Blog_Press_1Think Im A Mrs. is all about the ladies? It may not be a biggie trend, but there are those men out there who buck tradition and opt to take their wife’s last name, either completely or by throwing in a dash. If you’re thinking of making your wife’s last name your own, you would be in some good company – check out these celebs who have formed a perfect union with their wife’s last name!

1. Jay Z may have dropped the dash in his name, but mayhaps that’s because he tossed it into his last name? That’s right – Mr. Beyonce is Shawn Knowles-Carter

2. Singer Jack White of the White Stripes may not be hubby and wife with his bandmate Meg White any longer, but he does have her last name to remember her by! Jack’s maiden name? Gillis.

3. Yoko Ono may have split up The Beatles, but she added to Lennon’s last name! The music sensation’s official last name was John Ono Lennon. Who knew?!

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