Moving In Together


Whether you decide to do the merging of the furniture pre or post-wedding, moving in together can certainly be a stressful time. Does this scenario sound familiar? You’ve got your Pottery Barn sale pieces with your West Elm splurges and kick-butt antique finds that all go together just right…but he’s got his worn-in comfy brown leather furniture and miss-matched tables and chairs collected from parents and old roomies over the years. The key here is…yes…compromise. Chances are your man will appreciate your nice adult things and may like the idea of moving up in the furniture world, but that doesn’t mean all of his stuff is garage sale fodder. Find out what pieces of your man’s he really loves – like that awful cozy blue reclining chair that smells like it may have come from his frat house but that is his go-to for watching the game, chillaxing with a brewski or napping with the pup. Whether one of you lived in the apartment/condo/house before and the other is moving in or it’s brand new for the both of you, it’s important that it feels like your home together, and that means allowing items from both of your previous single lives. Sure, you may consider that blue reclining chair an eyesore smack dab in your den, but believe it or not, that man of yours may not be that into your super absorbent extra plush powder pink towels in the bathroom. It’s all about compromise. Plus, could you have a better reason to go shopping for accessories that help bring your two very different styles together?? I see an HGTV show in your future!


Photo: For Sale Sign

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