Paying the Bills

dollarMatters of the heart? You’ve got that down. Matters of money? Now that can be a touchy subject. When you merge lives with that new man of yours, there also comes the merging of moneys, and the two of you are going to have to decide how to pay the bills. Now, there are some options – and don’t feel that just because you lived together before saying “I do” that you have to stick to your old ways. If you decide to create one bank account to pay the bills from, you have to decide how much each of you contributes. One of the simplest ways to handle this potentially awkward decision is to go halvsies – if you’re making about the same amount of money. Otherwise, prorate it! Sit down and have a serious conversation about how much each of you can contribute based on what you bring in. Maybe each of you gives 10%, maybe you make it a hard dollar amount based on the total cost of the bills. The point is that you want to have a convo, and you both want to be comfortable with the money situation. Your best bet? Have this conversation before walking down the aisle. Once the honeymoon’s over, you’ll come home to find the bills.

Dollar Sign

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