Save Time In…Austin

Austin bats

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and it turns out they’re not just talking about hair and oil fortunes. They’re also talking about the bat population! The bats are doing their part to help “Keep Austin Weird” by making the home of the Texas Longhorns their home during the summer months, too, with over a million residing under the Congress Avenue Bridge! Now I know what you’re thinking – bats aren’t necessarily your cup of tea…but in Austin the Congress Avenue bats make for quite the spectacular (free!) show. Every evening around sunset they take flight, with the process taking up to 45 minutes for all of them to emerge, creating a stunning scene of nature right smack dab in downtown Austin. Grab a spot on the sidewalk along the bridge for a front row seat, or opt for a less up close and personal location to take in the nightly show on a bat-watching cruise over Lady Bird Lake  (check out the Lone Star Riverboat!) or in more luxe surroundings at the Four Seasons Hotel.

Photo: Pinterest

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