Save Time in…Seattle

Pike Place Market

If you’re heading to Seattle, chances are you’ve already got the Pike Place Market down as a must-visit, and for good reason. You won’t find fish this fresh – and being tossed around! – just anywhere, and the produce, meats and other deliciousness you can snatch up is positively divine. But, don’t just wander through on your way to the ever-so-popular (and crowded!) original Starbucks location. Our recommendation? Sit and stay a while!! Find a window seat at the three-level Lowell’s Restaurant and take in the spectacular views of the Port of Seattle, Pugent Sound and the Olympic Mountains. Oh, and while you’re there – dive in to some fresh Lowell’s Famous (for good reason!) Clam Chowder in a sourdough bread bowl that will take your taste buds straight to tasty town.

Photo: Pinterest

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