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Save Time in…San Francisco

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Alcatraz and the “Full House” house are of course must-sees when you’re taking a little vacay in┬áSan Fran, but what if you’re looking to indulge in a little west coast romance? You can’t get more lovey-dovey than a stroll along … Continue reading

1/3 of UK Women Keep Maiden Name

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Are younger women hopping on the feminist train?? Or are they keeping their maiden names in the name of their careers? Whatever the reason, a recent Facebook study shows that not all married UK women are taking the hubby’s last … Continue reading

Date Night

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When you meet the love of your life, you actually get two honeymoons. Think about it – the first is the honeymoon phase of your relationship – that googley-eyed, lovey-dovey “everything is perfect” first 3 months or so of dating … Continue reading

Preserving Your Wedding Gown

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The cake gets eaten and the favors get passed out, so when all is said and done with your wedding day, you’re left with but a few keepsakes. Your new hubby (of course), your wedding pics, perhaps a guestbook with … Continue reading