Bridal Trends for 2014

wedding trends 2014


Whether you’ll be donning the latest style of wedding gown (or trendy pant suit) or celebrating a wedding as a guest, you don’t want to miss these bridal trends for 2014.

#1: A painter paints a thousand words

Alex Harvie is a talented on-site painter. He’s been painting “live” at weddings since 2006. His distinct art is between realism and abstraction, and uses a vibrant color palette and thick oil paints. He will immortalize your special day, and he spends at least a full hour at the location before the wedding begins to get a feel for the emotional vibe. His friendly demeanor allows guests to come up to him and chat as he works in his paint-flecked tuxedo. Guests can even request their appearance in the painting! Don’t miss out on the thrill of seeing yourself and your friends in a beautiful work of art.

#2: Music for everyone

A truly unique idea and a trendsetter for 2013, guests are asked to include on their RSVP card some favorite songs they’d like to hear at the reception. By the day of the wedding, the DJ and/or band can have a well-planned song list that’s sure to pleave every single guest throughout the event – from grandma to your great niece. Brilliant!

#3: A Gem of a Bouquet

Homemade or purchased from online sites like Etsy or Anthropologie, this up and coming trend features anything from costume jewelry to family heirlooms. Some examples are made solely from gems and jewels to represent the traditional floral bouquet, while others are floral bouquets embellished with everything that shines. Whether you are mother of the bride looking to create this unforgettable gift or the bride herself looking to create a fun and one-of-a-kind bouquet, your wedding is sure to shine with this new trend.

#4: I’m a Mrs. Gift Card

Whether she chooses the hyphen or to adopt her new hubby’s last name, every bride becomes a Mrs. after she says “I do.” With that comes the headache of changing her last name and her title from Ms. to Mrs. on everything from magazine subscriptions to passports. I’m a Mrs. is a name change service that offers to make this entire process pain-free. If you purchase a gift card for a very lucky bride – the service will cover government, financial, loyalty cards, magazine subscriptions – you name it. At just $30, you could even make it part of a gift!

#5: Calligraphy Cakes

Featured in one of the latest Martha Stewart Wedding magazine editions, this is the latest trend in wedding cake decoration.  Everything is simulated to look like calligraphy – rubber stamps can be used to inlay elaborate designs into the different layers of the cake. Some options you can choose from are handwritten love notes, perhaps even your vows, or script inlaid flowers sitting on top instead of the traditional bride and groom toppers. Other, more intricate options are delicate, detailed designs that bring snowflakes to mind. The last example featured was a tall pink cake with the words to a love sonnet draped like ribbons along the tiers.

If you don’t want a jewelled bouquet, perhaps you’ll opt for the unique $30 I’m a Mrs. gift card. These trends are fun, interesting ways to make your wedding stand out. Whether or not you choose to feature the live genius of Alex Harvie to immortalize your calligraphy cake, gem-studded bouquet, and the smiling faces of your guests as their favorite song plays, you don’t want to miss out on embracing at least one of these unique bridal trends of 2014.

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