Post-Marriage Wedding Etiquette: 5 Things you Must do After the Wedding

after the wedding

After months and months of careful planning, the big day has now come and gone. You are officially Mr. and Mrs., but wedding etiquette isn’t out the window just yet. There is plenty that has to be done in the afterglow of wedded bliss. We’ve created a cheat sheet with some quick tips to keeping the good etiquette ball rolling after the “I do’s” have been said.

1. Send out thank you notes. Sure, as a bride and groom, you have a whole year to send out thank you cards, technically, but it’s better to get them in the mail as soon as possible. Enjoy your honeymoon, then come home and get to business. Getting the cards out quickly will alleviate later stress, and wedding guests really do appreciate a speedy thank you card.

2. If you are planning to change your name, you’ll want to get that done quickly, as well. A name change can be a pain, but getting it done quickly will help get all new documents and information on file as quickly as possible. To do this head to the Social Security Office with the necessary forms (they can be found online) and your marriage certificate. Once you file with the Social Security office, you can change your drivers license, and the name on your credit cards and bank account. You can also use the “I’m a Mrs.” name change service. Packages are available that include all necessary forms to make name changes quick and easy!

3. Tackle gift returns that need to be completed. You don’t have an unlimited amount of time to return gifts you don’t want or got duplicates of. Put together all of the gifts you plan on returning, make a list and start checking them off on weekends or whenever you have time. In most cases you can swap these gifts for other gifts on your registry with relative ease, and at additional savings. While you are returning goods don’tĀ forget to purchase items off your registry that you didn’t receive, most registry services also offer a discount on items you didn’t receive, but you have a limited time to do this, as well.

4. Finalize your photos and video choices. Photographers and videographers are busy people. While most contacts give you a lengthy amount of time to make your selections, it is best to do it quickly. This will ensure you get your selections back quickly, and it’s simply a courtesy towards the people who worked so hard on your big day. Sit down with your spouse within a month of the wedding, and start wading through your proofs, make your selections, and don’t forget to ask the parents what photos they may want to display.

5. Do something with the gown. Figuring out what to do with the gown can be a tough decision, but it is one that needs to be made quickly after the wedding. Have the gown cleaned and professionally boxed if you have no clue what you want to do with it just yet. This will preserve the gown if you decide you want to save it for future

Sure, there is plenty more that will need to be done to ensure wedded bliss in the coming months, years and decades, but getting these five things done quickly will help you enjoy your first year as husband and wife, with ease and comfort, plus, you’ll keep all of your friends, family and the government happy and satisfied as well.

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