A Simple Formula for Writing your Vows

guide to writing wedding vows

Planning your big day is an exciting, delightful and often nerve-wracking experience. Writing vows to exchange with the most important person in your life is a beautiful but often challenging task that comes with wedding planning.  You want to capture the essence of your devotion in a moving, funny, and unique way, but how exactly do you do so?

Alleviate some of the stress that comes with writing your own personal wedding vows by following this simple formula.  

Decide if you want to write the vows together.  Many couples like the surprise factor, however others don’t.  Make sure that you come to a conclusion that works for both of you.

Select a similar structure.  Talk with each other to get an idea of the sentence structure that you would like to follow.  For example, many vows start with lines such as, “I promise to,” or “I vow to.”  You could have a similar line at the end such as, “Thank you for choosing me to spend the rest of your life with.”  It is also important to be on the same page of how many lines your vows should have.

Set a word count max.  And stick to it!  To keep your vows similar in length and to ensure that the audience stays awake, select a maximum word count.  Approximately 150 words is a common number.

Do a little meditation.  Set aside time to really consider the ways that this person has changed your life and invaded your heart.  What are those special things that he or she has done?  What does being married to this person mean to you?  What is the single greatest thing that you can promise them?  By answering these questions you have a direction to take your vows in.

Put it all together.  Write vows that you will undoubtedly fulfill, and that are from your heart.  Be yourself and don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through because ultimately this is all about you and your future spouse.

Edit.  Spend a couple weeks tweaking the vows until you see them as perfect and complete.

Practice makes perfect.  Spend time practicing them over and over, to your friends, or the mirror.  Make sure that when the time comes, you are well-rehearsed and prepared.

These precious sentiments are the first words that you’ll exchange with your spouse so take your time and really make them count.

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