Bachelorette Party Games Everyone Will Love


One of the best parts about getting married is the bachelorette party before the wedding. This is a day for one last hurrah before starting a new life as one of two people joined together. When the gals get together for their send-off they want to really let their hair down with a lot of fun and a wee-bit of naughtiness, but not so much that it leaves people feeling weird the next day.

Here are some fun bachelorette party games everyone will love—even the mother-in-law! Some you can do with a simple post-it note pad and some pens or pencils. A few are ready-made for the bride or bride’s maids for those sudden, last minute parties.

Simple, yet fun games that won’t embarrass anyone to play.

You probably have seen some really strange games at bachelorette parties that left you needing a long, long shower afterward, right? Not a pleasant experience, is it? Break the ice with these simple games everyone can play for nice, clean fun. Here are two examples of games to play:

  • He says/she says: Prepare ahead for this game by asking the bride and groom their thoughts about love and marriage. Write funny random quotes. At the party read the quotes aloud and ask the guests who said it. They might be surprised at the responses and the bride might learn a thing or two about her future husband, all in good fun.
  • Who Am I? Write the names of famous people or current celebrities on post in notes. Place the paper side down on the coffee table. Ask guests to pick one up and attach it to her forehead. She must ask the others in the room simple questions to figure out the name of the person on her paper.

Find printable games online when short on party planning time.

Even a bride who is getting married soon after she says yes will want a bachelorette party to create a fun memory with her girlfriends. Her bride’s maids will be pressed for time to get the decorations, food, and invites out. The good news is they can simply go online to find printable games for free. Check out a couple of simple ideas:

  • Play the Fill Me in Game: Print out this game with lists of popular romantic songs. The objective is for guests to fill in the missing word(s) from famous lyrics. The person who gets the most right wins!
  • Celebrity Couples Game: This pre-printed game supplies a list of celebrity couples. The objective is for everyone to match the two people together correctly. The person who gets the most correct within a set time wins!

Make up your own game: You will also find blank sheets, with cute borders, that you can use to fill in your own game, and print out as many as you need—Free!

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