Bachelorette Party Ideas for Everyone


Planning a bachelorette party is an important tradition that requires a lot of time and effort.  Whether you are enjoying a night out on the town, a wild night of debauchery, or a relaxing spa weekend, you want to make sure that everyone enjoys the party.

Here is a basic calendar to get you motivated:

At Least 3 Months Out

At this point, you should start compiling a guest list and discussing preliminary bachelorette party ideas.  Make sure you talk to the bride about what she wants for the party, especially when it comes to the location, including the mothers of the bride and groom, or any X-rated plans.  Plan a night based on the bride’s desires and the comfort level of the guests to ensure that everyone will have a good time.

About 6 Weeks Out

This stage of planning officially sets the date, time, and location for the party.  Discuss the budget with the other guests since everyone is contributing; ensure they are satisfied with the cost and that everyone is available on the chosen date.  Also, include the bride’s portion as well since she should be taken care of for the evening.  Choose a location based on what the bride has requested, and start thinking of creative ideas for the activities and events of the night.

Send out the invitations to everyone and confirm reservations well in advance.  This should also include arrangements for transportation since alcohol will likely be involved; choose a designated driver or shop around for other options such as a limo, van, or party bus.  If you are doing a private party, divide the tasks and responsibilities between the bridesmaids to make the job easier.

The Week Before

The first thing is to confirm the guest list and to start planning your ensembles.  You want the bride to feel special and festive, so purchase some party accessories like a tiara, veil, or sash to set her apart.  The bridal party can also do something fun like matching t-shirts or feather boas.  Make a list of all the games and activities, the rules, and brief instructions so everyone understands and can participate.  Ask for ideas from everyone to encourage more involvement and ensure all the guests have fun.

The Day Before

Unless it’s a surprise, brief the bride on the night’s activities so she can plan accordingly.  Send a last minute reminder to all the guests including the address, meeting time, and the general plans for the evening.  Take a few minutes to gather up all your accessories and props so you can simply grab your things and be on your way.  And the most important piece of advice?  Get plenty of rest the night before because the best parties can last until the early hours!

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