Bachelorette Party Themes That Take the Cake!

Bachelorette Party Themes That Take the Cake

Forget about sticking to boring, traditional stagette party themes and embark on a fun, memorable adventure with one of these great bachelorette party themes:

Eat, Drink and…Laugh Until Your Sides Split!

Reserve ringside seats at a local comedy club and inform the club’s manager that you have a “victim” for the comedian to target during his (or her) performance. Make sure to take some video clips so you can enjoy the same laughs many years later.

Ahoy Mateys…Scavenge for the Booty and Pillage the Village Later!

Dress up like pirates and dive into a scavenger hunt complete with clues, maps and, of course, valuable booty! Buried treasures could be anything from gift certificates for free massages to champagne bottles to sexy pieces of lingerie.

Girl’s Night Out at the Campground

Back-to-nature stagette party themes can be anything from spending a boisterous, laugh-a-minute weekend at the campground (complete with tents, fishing poles and plenty of wine) or enjoying a more sophisticated “communing with nature” time in a rented, lakeside cabin.

Up, Up and Away

Before painting the town all the colors in the rainbow, have the group take a hot air balloon ride (before lunch, of course) and let the bride-to-be experience a breathtaking view of the world as a single person one last time.

Go Rogue with a Road Trip

Determine who has the most reliable vehicles, pack only the essentials and take off into the wild blue yonder without a care in the world–at least for several days. Turn off your cell phones, ditch the makeup and just enjoy each other’s company–and the excitement of random adventures!

What the Future Holds–Good, Bad or Meh?

Eerie but fun bachelorette party themes such as visiting a palm, tarot or psychic reader or taking a tour through haunted abodes is always good for laughs–and screams! Settle down afterwards with a few, stiff drinks at everybody’s favorite nightclub.

Ride the Rollercoaster!

Take the gang to an amusement park for all-day thrills, girl talk and deliciously fattening foods. Take plenty of photos of everyone with mustard on their face and cotton candy melting on their tongues.

Learn a New Dance–Belly or Pole?

Find out if anybody provides belling or pole dancing classes in your area and make an appointment for the whole gang to learn the art of sexy dance together. Everybody has to wear an I Dream of Jeannie outfit, too.

Bon Voyage–The Ultimate Bachelorette Party

Taking a cruise on a luxurious cruise ship to an exotic Caribbean island is, of course, the ultimate of all stagette party themes. Cruise ships have everything a bachelorette party could ever want or need–heaps of food, shows, pools, games, bars and spectacular views of the setting sun.

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