What You Need to Know about Changing Your Name in South Africa

How to Change Your Name in South Africa

If you are planning a wedding in South Africa, you will also need to know how to change names in South Africa. This is a necessary part of the process of getting married in the country, so it is important to have all of the information you need ahead of time.


The country of South Africa requires that all people be registered with the National Population Register. This is a result of formal legislation which took place called The Births and Deaths Registration Act of South Africa. This legislation governs the process of name changes in the country. Upon getting married, or reverting to one’s maiden name or surname, you are required to go through a series of steps to make a formal name change.


To have a legal name change, you need to get in touch with the Home Affairs Office. You are required to pick up three forms to make this official:

  • BI-196 for a change of surnames
  • BI-85 for alteration of forename
  • BI-9 for an application of identity document


You can pick up the forms at any regional or district office of the Department of Home Affairs. Some are available online, but not all. So it is important to look into the process of how to change names in South Africa long before you plan your wedding venue.


Your wedding is a big day in your life. It is about new opportunities and a new life with the person you have chosen to be at your side from now on. Don’t let something like required legal paperwork get in the way of your happy moment. A little planning for your wedding venue, which includes filing the necessary paperwork can save you a lot of stress in the long run.  For this reason, it is advisable to get this process done as soon as possible when you know you are getting married, so that you can focus on the more pleasant tasks of planning your wedding day.


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Congratulations on your upcoming special day!

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