Bachelorette party ideas in Vancouver

Bachelorette Parties in Vancouver

If you are looking for great bachelorette party ideas in Vancouver , here are a few ideas we noticed that are going on right now around the area:


One Bachelorette Party location in Vancouver is doing this as a cheeky, fun surprise. Visit this link for the Kidnap the Bachelorette party package.  The way it’s carried off is you tell the bachelorette her party is to begin at, say, 7pm, then send two gorgeous hunky guys to her door at 6:30pm, who carry her off with duct tape over her mouth, to a destination unknown. It’s there (at the party location) that the guests will all be waiting to yell surprise before she can manage to get to her cell phone to call 9-1-1!


Vancouver is a great setting for a cruise for your next bachelorette party. Hire topless waiters to feed you chocolate-covered strawberries or do a risqué dance while listening to seductive music. Throw the bachelorette in the pool for added fun while on the cruise. Or forget the men and just have a fun girls day out on one of Vancouver’s area party cruises.


If you want to plan bachelorette party Vancouver also offers an opportunity for a “SPA DAY.” With many area spas you can utilize, you could make arrangements with them ahead of time or, better yet, plan a “mobile spa” by taking all your wares with you the day of the event. Give the bachelorette and her guests a makeover and spa day they won’t forget.


If eating is your thing, and cooking is your game, schedule a dinner-making party for the special lady. The Lazy Gourmet is just one of the many high-class catering companies who can help you make this dream a reality. Even if you can’t cook, they’re sure to drum up something spectacular. But just make sure the bride-to-be doesn’t eat so much that she cannot fit into her dress!


This one is fun and will “lift the spirits!” Have a cocktail-making party. Make it real by renting a local bar, such as The Winking Judge Pub (known as the “best little bar in town”) and have a blast acting like a bartender. For extra fun, have the bachelorette serve up everyone else, and have her “bounce” girls who misbehave. But again, don’t let the bride-to-be drink too much the night before the wedding!


Remember, most of all, use your imagination. Even if it’s not in a book or suggested on some blog, have fun any way you want (within reason, of course). To make your bachelorette party ideas shine, always think about what the bride-to-be likes and try to fit it in with that some how. She’ll remember it for years to come! Check out this Party Package Selection here and see what ideas you can come up with!



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