Wedding shower trends for 2015

bridal shower trends

Some people like to have more traditional weddings, so remember there’s no rule that says you have to follow the trends. But if you have a trendy wedding to attend in 2015 and want to get a head start on planning a wedding shower that’s just as trendy here are some of the 2015 wedding shower trends to keep in mind:


Inspired by some of our English ancestors, this theme is still popular among some circles for wedding parties this year. Invite your friends to “tea” on an old-fashioned invitation card, signed in your own handwriting. Offer fans and sit under a shade tree, like they  used to do in the deep South (and still do in England!).


This is the traditional breakfast/lunch event which features elaborate table settings and fixtures, which remind you of some of the old  movies of wedding parties. Steeps in tradition, this is sure to be a favorite this year.


Country/western themes are considered “cool,” now that country music has taken such a popularity upswing lately. Invite friends to wear cowgirl boots and shorter dresses or western skirts. Liven things up with a barn dance and even invite a few cowboys if you have a hankerin!


There’s nothing like a backyard BBQ and picnic to make things feel like home. Have a pool party if you have a pool and play some music the bachelorette likes from her CD collection. Set off fireworks if you like to add some extra pizazz to celebrate the special day.


With this fun theme, everything is full of glamour and glitz. Purchase several sequins from a local party or fabrics or scrapbooking store and cover the champagne bottle and glasses with it. Make everything sparkly and even have everyone wear shimmery eye makeup and put glitter on their faces for extra flair. Pamper yourself and feel like a movie star for the night.


These are some of the most trendy bridal shower trends for 2015. If you look at all of these, you begin to realize that they are quite traditional in nature and not “trendy” at all. There seems to be a resurgence of the old-fashioned tea parties and Southern (or English) social gatherings which were so revered in the past. Perhaps it is the recent renewed appreciation for royalty due to the vast media coverage of the English weddings.

Regardless of the reason, some of the ideas are quite down-to-earth and are relatively easy to put together. So think about which of these ideas you’d like to do for your bachelorette and use your imagination. Remember to have fun…because that’s what it’s all about. No matter what the wedding shower trends are, make it something she’ll remember. And make it special! Remember, it’ll be in her bridal album for over 50 years!

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