Tips: Everything You Need to Know About Your Teacher Name Change

teacher name change

How do teachers change their name ofter marriage? Check out these teacher name change tips.


We love it when our customer’s send in questions (do you have one? send away!) This  one of our customer’s that’s working on their married name change in California.  We get this one fairly often, so thought we’d share these tips to help if your working on a teacher name change with all our teacher friends out there.

Where do you start a teacher name change? This is a really good question – and there are a handful of things you need to consider if you are a teacher looking to complete your married name change. While in most cases the rules and forms vary from state to state, here are a few things to keep in mind.

State Licensing Boards: You’ll need to change your name with your state Department of Education. The application is often called an Educator’s Licensure Application.  They can be lengthy – but are very straight-forward in terms of questions asked. Depending on your state, there may be a fee required.

The I’m a Mrs. database does include these forms – they are under the ‘Professional Association’ tab during form selection – so be sure to look for it if you are registering and a teacher. Note – if your teacher name change consists of multiple states, make sure you select each form to avoid confusion down the road.

HR Department – Benefits, 401K, Payroll: You’ll need to contact your human resource department to ask about any forms specific to your extended benefit provider. Often, your HR representative can share your information, but you will need to provide a copy of your marriage certificate in most cases. They can also make sure your name is updated on your payroll – this one is really important because the name on your payroll needs to match the name on your bank account in order to be deposited (otherwise it could be returned to issuer, and no one wants that). Your HR person can also advise on 401K – this one almost always has to be done through your employer but also usually includes additional paperwork that will require your new signature.

We hope these teacher name change tips helped! Do you have a name change question for us? Drop me a line at  Our name change experts are always happy to help!

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