Looking for REALLY Good Wedding Gifts?

Good wedding gifts

Looking for Good Wedding Gifts?

It’s officially Wedding season…are you on the hunt for really good wedding gifts? Well, I am…so I thought I’d share some of my favorite finds.

Truth be told, many of us are getting married a little later in life…so often when couples say ‘I do’ …they already have everything.  Here are my favorite unique wedding gifts that you can be sure won’t be a duplicate.

The Gift of Experience: I have to say, giving the gift of a memorable experience is probably my favorite thing. It only gets better when that experience is followed with a case of delicious wine curated to please your very own taste buds. Enter Club W, a wine club that not only offers a personal experience but also delivers on quality wine. I’ve tried several, and they deliver. Their team of winemakers really know their stuff. And with such great branding, it makes a beautiful gift. You can purchase gift cards in $50 increments (approximately $50/month). This one is always a big hit!

The Gift of Travel: With the costs of weddings being so high…the gift of travel can be something that the couple might not actually give themselves. We like Honeymoon Wishes, it’s a full service registry that lists destinations all over the world. They’ve even granted more than one million honeymoon wishes! But the best part is they have a toll-free registry line to help guests that might not be tech savvy (ahem, mom…that’s you!). Guests can choose to pick something specific off your registry – i.e. experiences like a spa service or excursion, or contribute via gift card to be used as the couple chooses.

The Gift of Memories: This can often be a tough one to achieve, but with so many great sites out there offering unique photo books and prints, giving the gift of memories just got easier. One of my new faves is Artifact Uprising. I like it because their products are beautiful, and extremely good value for the quality of the products. There are also a lot of options – so say if a couple’s photography package already included a photo book, they still have other options, like this incredible wooden photo box, to choose from. You can purchase gift cards in any denomination and send by email or print and include in a card to gift in-person. You can also upload photos via mobile or right from Instagram just to make memory-making that much easier.

The Gift of Time: The gift that none of us seem to have enough of – TIME.  I couldn’t possibly share my favorites list with out our very own I’m a Mrs. Name Change Package (shameless plug, but seriously, it makes a great gift).  With so many cards in our wallets these days, we end up saving the average bride about 15 hours of time. We put all the forms and instructions in one place…and help out answering questions or finding any unique forms that are needed. We’ve also pre-populated emails and addresses to make it the process as simple as possible. Now, a trip to the DMV to get a new photo and sign that new signature is still necessary, but this way you can spend your time getting camera-ready instead of filling out paperwork.  Gift cards are available for $30 and can be sent by email or printed and added to a card to be given in-person.

Do you have any good wedding gifts you want to share? I’m always on the hunt…so please send my way! jo@imamrs.com.






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