Married Name Change: Where Do I Even Start?

Married Name Change

Married name Change Tips: Where to Start

Ok, so you’ve done the fun part. You walked down the aisle, said I do and are well on your way to your happily ever after. I wish that’s all it took to officially become a Mrs.! Unfortunately, you’ve got a little work to do to make that happen. We’re here to point you in the right direction and help make your married name change as easy as possible.

Official/Certified Copies of Your Marriage Certificate: This is the first and most important step to becoming a Mrs. On your wedding day, you signed your marriage license. That paperwork is then sent to your county clerk’s office (typically your officiant will do this – a good question to ask in advance), they will file it and send you your official marriage certificate by mail. This is the one piece of paper you will need to complete your married name change for nearly all organizations. Depending on how quickly you would like your name change completed, ordering 2-3 certified copies can be a good idea. (put one in a safe deposit box if you have one). Note: This process can take 2-3 weeks before you will have the official certificate in hand…so keep in mind when booking travel, etc. that you will likely have your maiden name for at least 6-8 weeks post wedding before you’ve been able to make changes everywhere.

Social Security Administration: Your very first stop will be the SSA. Now while we have the SSA form in our database (just so you can keep all your forms in one place), it’s important to note that this form is available for free from the SSA. You can find it here. Your number will stay the same but your name will be updated to your new married name.  You can mail your form or go in-person to your local SSA office. In-person is faster, but by mail is less hassle. Either way, you should have your new card in about 10 business days – and you really need that before you can do anything else (even credit cards will use your SSA number to verify your new name).

Driver’s License/State Identity Card: Next up on your married name change journey…you get a photo ID with your new name on it! Very exciting 😉 We have all the forms you need for your driver’s license name change in our database….BUT….you still need to go in-person to actually make the change.  We get a lot of questions and comments on this, unfortunately, there is nothing we can really do except make sure you have all the paperwork, tips like doing your vehicle title form at the same time, and links to scheduling a DMV appointment time to make the experience a little easier.  This may seem like a big hassle, but its necessary to protect your identity. Bring: New SSA Card, Old Driver’s License, Official Marriage Certificate – and double check our tip list because some states go on a point system for proving your identity. We give you tips on how to make sure you have everything you need. 

Bank Accounts/Payroll: After your Social Security Administration name change and the DMV, you can really just start knocking the rest off your list. One thing to note though is that most payroll is done electronically these days…and the name on your payroll must match the name on your bank account or it could get rejected. So, make sure you’ve alerted your payroll department about your married name change as soon as you’ve made the change on your bank account.

Fun Facts:

  • It takes the average person 25 hours to complete their married name change on their own.
  • Most people have 30-50 organizations they need to change their name with (we can thank multiple credit and loyalty cards for this.
  • 88% of people get mail 6+ months after their married name change with their maiden name on it
  • On average, we save our customers between 13-15 hours of their personal time…I mean, who wouldn’t rather be enjoying newlywed bliss!

If our name change experts can help in any way, drop me a line at  Happy to help!

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