Date Night: 7 Ideas For Foodies

Fun Date Night Ideas for Foodie Couples

When you first get married, a lot of nights seem like date night. Dinners for two….candlelight…romance. But ‘Date Night’ is where you go the extra mile. Try to do something out of your ordinary.  Something special. We’ve curated a few fun, unique ideas for those with the love of food.

Scavenger Hunt

This is one of my all-time favorite dates. Pick a handful of restaurants that you’ve always wanted to go to…and make a day of it. Hit up each one and try their signature cocktail and signature dish.  Go for a walk between each spot…and enjoy the culinary adventure!

Food Tour

With the rise of urban gardens, craft breweries, distilleries, artisan cheese shops…there are so many interesting food tours to choose from.  Many offer food and beverage pairings (beer, wine, spirits).  Some teach you a skill and let you taste your wares (cheese making, pickling).  You can even go on a foraging mission and learn about what’s safe (and delicious!) to eat in nature.


There is nothing quite as easy and romantic as going on a sunset gourmet picnic. Pick-up some charcuterie items from a local market, a fresh baguette from the bakery, a nice bottle of bubbly or wine, grab a blanket…and find a nice quiet spot in the park. Voilà…best date night ever!

Cooking Classes

Cooking classes are another favorite because they teach you a skill you can use again.  You can also use this for future date nights – take a French cooking class and then make the meal together on your anniversary.  Or make it for your first dinner party.

Surprise Jar

This is one of those ideas that I wish I thought of sooner. On small pieces of paper write down cuisines of foods that you’ve never tried before…but want (or are willing) to. Then on those nights when no one can decide what they want…pull from the jar.  This is the best for when neither one of you is up for making a decision.

Seasonal Tasting Dinner

Every now and again date night should just be about going out for a good meal.  It’s always a good idea to look for unique opportunities though. A seasonal tasting menu, wine or craft beer pairing, a restaurant with a guest chef or celebrating an anniversary/milestone, or a long table dinner on a farm (some good ones here).

Food Truckin’

The food truck movement is still going strong and man, is there a lot to choose from. For me…this one is best done kind of like the scavenger hunt. Pick a day…pick a few different food trucks you want to try and start out an adventure.  Choose signature dishes and share so you have more room to try more delicious food! Go for walks in-between, bring a picnic blanket, maybe a bottle of wine? The options are endless!

So…hopefully that’s some inspiration for some delicious date nights! The main thine to keep in mind though is to make time for date night. Go the extra mile…make time for each other…try new things together.  It’s a key ingredient to a long, happy marriage.

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