Destination Wedding? 5 Tips to Change Your Name

There is something so romantic about a destination wedding. The beautiful backdrop, the relaxation of being on vacation, the incredible memories.  During your destination wedding planning, ensure you keep in mind the rules of the country you are visiting (and language) for getting your marriage certificate.  In addition, check to see if there are any special rules you need to know about changing your name when you get back.

Getting Married Abroad – Name Change Tips

Here are our top five tips to help make your destination wedding name change easy:

  1. First, check with your local social security to ask if they will accept a marriage certificate from the country you are getting married in. Also ask if there is anything you need specifically to make it legal – i.e. does it need to be notarized?
  2. Check to see if the SSA or passport office requires your marriage certificate to be translated. If it does confirm with your local SSA office if they require it be done by an SSA approved vendor.  Please note – this can vary by state and by language so best to check with your local SSA office.
  3. Confirm with your wedding officiant that they will be providing you with your required documents and when they will be delivered. Ideally you receive them before your departure so you are not relying on couriers or mail.
  4. Ask your officiant to include 2-3 additional certified copies of your marriage certificate so that you have one for safe keeping and others to help expedite your name change process when you get home (SSA and Passport office will initially take the originals and return them to you with your new official documents.
  5. Book all travel in your maiden name for 2-3 months post-wedding as your tickets must match your government issued ID.

Once you get home and are ready to start your name change journey, ensure to download our free Ultimate Name Change Checklist with over 80 types of forms you’ll need to officially be a Mrs.

Where to Get Started:

  • Social Security Administration – many organizations use the SSA to verify your information including the DMV, US Passport Office and nearly all credit card companies
  • DMV/State Issued ID – this is next and will give you a photo government issued ID to use when changing your name with other organizations
  • Everything Else! Once you’re done with the SSA and DMV you’re ready to tackle all your bank/credit/loyalty cards, mortgage, insurance, phone, cable, alumni…the list is long!

Key Documents to Have On Hand:

  • Marriage Certificate
  • Birth Certificate
  • Old Social Security Administration Card
  • Old Driver’s License

Name Change After Marriage

We hope you find these destination wedding name change tips useful! If you have any questions or need any additional help, please email

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