How to Change Your Name for Nurses

We often get questions from members that belong to the nursing profession…so we thought we’d turn it into a post and pass on the information we’ve found so far.

Married Name Change Tips For Nurses


Where do you start a nurse name change?

Well – you start the same place as everyone else with a Social Security name change but as a nurse there are a few specific areas you need to keep in mind.  Specifically, state nursing boards, unions, and your HR department for possible insurance, licensing updates, and 401K.

State Licensing Boards

You’ll need to change your name with your state Board of Registered Nursing. Most states have a specific notification of name change form.  Depending on the state you may be required to submit your notification of name change within 30 days – so be sure to check out the rules as soon as you start using your new name.

Our I’m a Mrs. database has a section just for this so if you’re already an I’m a Mrs member make sure you check out our professional associations section, click the form and we’ll auto-populate it for you.  Note – if your nurse name change consists of multiple states, make sure you select each form to avoid confusion down the road.

What you need:

  • Notification of Name Change Form
  • Current government issued ID
  • Marriage certificate


Your HR Department can help you with:

Extended Benefits & Insurance – in many cases they can take care of this for you, but you will still be required to complete the required paperwork and provide your marriage certificate. Also keep in mind updating your beneficiary to your spouse – there should be a section on the form just for this.

401K – this one is also often just your standard form and providing a marriage certificate. Also keep in mind updating your beneficiary to your spouse – there should be a section on the form just for this.

Payroll:  This one is really important because the name on your payroll needs to match the name on your bank account in order to be deposited (otherwise it could be returned to issuer, and no one wants that).

Union:  Most nurses belong to a union such as National Nurses United. Often, it is the HR department that coordinated payment and form updates to them.  Occasionally it could be your local rep.  Your HR person will guide you in the right direction.

Staff ID/Login: Your HR person with authorize updates to you staff ID and technology login.  This is important as your new name needs to match your state licensure in order to have certain access and issue medications etc.

Name Change After Marriage

Congrats on your married name change! Hopefully these tips will help make you officially a Mrs. in no time!  If we can help answer any additional questions you might have, Drop us a line at  Our name change experts are always happy to help!

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