Bridal Shower Ideas You’ll Love in 2017

2017 Bridal Shower Trends

Spring has sprung (well…almost!) which brings the start of bridal shower season! Here are some trends that you’ll no doubt see as your weekends start to fill up with mimosas and fancy tea sandwiches.


Get Outside

Nothing like warm weather and sunshine to bring on an outdoor party. Whether it’s a garden, patio, rooftop, lake – get outside and make nature your backdrop.

Color Themes

Soft pinks, rose gold, water colors are still dominating this year’s shower trends.

No to Games

Ok, I feel like this one can be a bit controversial because some people really like bridal shower games. You’ll know if your bride is that person or not and can decide accordingly. The trend though is to take a pass on the games. Why? Well… not everyone likes them, they can be embarrassing with multiple generations present, and there often isn’t enough time to fit it in.

Get Creative

In lieu of games have guests participate by doing something creative for the bride. Have guests leave notes on a serving tray, finish it with resin and give it as a keepsake. Or have guests decorate small plant pots and pick some seeds to plant so the bride can have a new herb garden. It’s fun, creative and the bride gets a nice gift to bring home!


Keep it classy. We’re definitely seeing more brunches, high tea and small plates but the main theme here is shower hosts are stepping up their food game. Classy, flavorful, beautiful…and often mini as small plates are still very on trend.


Mimosa bar, bloody mary bar, pitchers of sangria, mini champagne bottles (with a pretty straw) or a signature cocktail – unless you know your guests don’t drink alcohol having one of the above is a necessity to a successful bridal shower.

Say Cheese

hoto booth or selfie? Well…both are still popular in the wedding event world.  A play on a photo booth is still most popular. Keep it simple – use the outdoors as a backdrop. Have guests pose with a vintage frame, a custom frame (see Pinterest board for this cute idea), have guests create and hold a sign with wishes for the bride to be – the options are really endless.


Registry gifts are still common, but many bridal showers are choosing to go with a theme. This can be helpful for both brides and guests. Brides end up with gifts that the want/need and guests that don’t like buying off registry have a direction to help them out. Is the bride moving into a new home? Doing renovations? Wanting to go on a honeymoon? Check with the bride pre-planning and make sure to include gift details on the invitation.

Looking for more inspiration? You can check out some of our favorite finds here.


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