DMV Name Change: How to Save Time


DMV Name Change After Marriage

Marriage is certainly a life changing experience for a couple. There are friends, family and planners to get everything done for the wedding for the food, décor, dress to the makeup but the thing the bride has to do (hopefully with the help of us!) is change her last name.

Whether it’s your bank, insurance company, or DMV name change, you will have to get it changed with the Social Security Administration (SSA) first so that other organizations can use them for verification. The SSA offers the SS-5 form for free on their website. We also have it in the I’m a Mrs. database so you can keep all your forms in one place and save some time with auto-population.

When people talk about needing to change their name after marriage, they often hear horror stories from friends that waited for hours at the DMV.  Unfortunately, it is one of the places you need to go in-person as they need to get a new photo and your new signature (this is to help protect you from identity theft). That said, here on some tips that we hope will help you save time.


Time-Saving Tips for Changing Your Name at the DMV

What to Bring – In our database we clearly list what you need to bring for each state DMV. It varies, so make sure you check that list before you make the trip. Typically, it’s your new SSA card, old license, proof of citizenship, proof of identity and your certified marriage certificate (again – check the list in our database just in case your state has a special requirement).

Print Forms in Advance – If you can go with everything filled out – you will definitely save yourself the stress of being rushed through the process. It’s also more likely you will have filled out everything accurately.  Not every state offers their forms online – but most do. You can find yours in our database or by doing a form search on your DMV website (just make sure you pick the correct one).

Make an Appointment – Many states now offer the opportunity to book an appointment in advance. We also list if this is an option for you when you select your forms. You can also check out your local DMV website. One tip – don’t be late. If you miss your time by even 5 minutes you’ll often be sent to the back of the line.

Best Time to Go – It is best that you try to go to your local DMV between the time period of 9am to 11 am on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday in order to face minimal wait times. Late afternoons and lunch time should be avoided especially on Fridays and Mondays.


Name Change After Marriage

Congrats on your married name change! Hopefully these tips will help make you officially a Mrs. in no time!  If we can help answer any additional questions you might have, drop us a line at  Our name change experts are always happy to help!

Ready to get started? Check out our affordable name change packages and we’ll take care of the rest!



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