What to Do With Your Wedding Dress After the Wedding


Inspiration: What to Do With Your Dress Post-Wedding

A wedding dress is tailor-made for the wedding day only. In most of the cases, there is no way to put that on some other day unless you are getting married again. There are a few things you can do with your dress post-wedding if you don’t want it taking space cluttering your closet.


Preserving Your Dress 

Preserving the dress will help you in future because you can put it on special occasions like the 25th anniversary to bring back the old memories and be young again. You partner may always look at your wedding photos and appreciate how great you looked that day. Preservation will help you to bring the fantasy into reality. You can literally recreate the special moments you spent wearing the dresses on the first day.

To preserve your wedding dress, you would need professional cleaning from time to time so that it stays as new and maybe you can pass that on to next generation if a girl is born to you or your family.

Donating Your Dress 

Wedding dress is probably the most expensive dress you ever put on. The best thing you can do with your wedding gown is to donate it to someone so needs it. There are so many brides who cannot afford to wear a proper wedding gown even though they wish they could. Donating them your wedding gown will fulfill their wish and bring utter joy to both of you. There are many websites available through which you can find the person to donate your wedding dress, and you can be proud of doing something good for a stranger. There is no better joy and happiness in life than the one you get by helping others.

Reconstructing Your Dress 

Some people are very judicious in their approach, and they like to reuse and recycle everything they can. They reconstruct their wedding dress for little kids or turn them into something completely different like a baby bed. They also send it to a designer who can turn it into something that they can regularly wear during special events – maybe that little black dress for date night?

Trashing Your Dress

The last option you can opt for is destroying your wedding dress completely. It has become a popular trend across the globe, and the practice is not as pessimistic as it seems to be. When it comes to trashing your dress, you need to do it artistically. Photographers also offer post-wedding service that covers your dress destruction photo shoot. The married couple can throw paints on each other wearing the expensive dresses or jump together in mud and have the ultimate thrill ride. This is what will create a few precious memorable moments that one can cherish for a lifetime.


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