Overwhelmed by all the cards you have in your wallet? The I’m A Mrs. Premium Package includes access to every form in our database, 1:1 support with our name change experts to answer any questions you might have or find any forms you might need, we auto-populate your forms and pre-draft your emails, and provide all the tips and instructions to submit your name changes quickly and easily.
What are you waiting for? Let’s officially make you a Mrs.!

premium package

Includes access to all of our forms and notification letters, 1:1 support with our name change experts to answer questions and find any forms you need, auto-population of forms and emails. $30 USD

premium package

Looking for a truly unique gift that is actually useful? Give a bride-to-be the gift of time and a helping hand with all the perks of the I’m a Mrs. Premium Package. $30 USD


Why Choose I’m A Mrs.?

I’m a Mrs. is the ONLY name change service that doesn’t just use blank form letters. We call every single organization personally to confirm the most efficient way to complete their name change process. This means that instead of clicking on a form that says ‘Retail Loyalty Cards’ and getting a blank form - leaving you to do the leg work to find out how to submit, you can click on CVS, Victoria’s Secret, Kroeger,etc. - and have a form letter generated with their specific address and submission details. Many can now be done by email - and our system will compose the email, addressed to the correct inbox for you to complete and click send. Why send snail mail if an email will do? When we say we’ll save you time, we mean it!

Organizations Include:

Passport ~ Driver's License ~ Voter Registration ~ Retail Loyalty Cards ~ Frequent Flyer Programs ~ Hotel Reward Programs ~ Hydro ~ Gas ~ Phone ~ Cable ~ Internet ~ Banks ~ Credit Cards ~ Insurance ~ Investments ~ Mortgages ~ Magazine Subscriptions ~ PayPal ~ Amazon ~ Facebook ~ Hulu ~ Credit Bureaus ~ Alumni Associations ~ State Licensing Boards & Associations ~and 1000’s more!

Let’s officially make you a Mrs.!

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